Development software for life

Welcome to site developer for life

Welcome to the website of software development. On the site you can always order individual manufacturing software for your home or office.
We develop software around the world. 

What programs we create:
  • Programs for work with databases. SQLite, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Jet. This may be the program to account for the goods in stock. Utilities receive and translate data from one database to another.
  • Can create Web technology and software for Linux servers. For example, we can create complex sites or portals. Can create a website for the kernel to maximize performance.

Programming languages ​​that we use in our work:

  • Windows system: C++ (MFC, Windows API), Free Pascal. Create any program to work with databases.
  • Linux system: PHP, GCC, Free Pascal. Create websites using Wordpress. Create plugins for Wordpress. Create graphics programs that can work with databases.
  • Mac OS system: Free Pascal Create graphics programs that can work with databases.

We are a group of programmers with twenty years of experience. Our experience allows us to create programs and websites of any complexity.
We are ready for you to create software for operating systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS.